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Cartagena is a city like no other. Its cobbled and colorful streets, beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Sea, and Spanish colonial architecture will transport you to a place where history and romance blend.

The architecture of the historic center, the colorful streets, lantern-lit nights, the journey to the altar by car, and the beach…

Absolutely everything conspires to give you a wedding with a great romantic and Caribbean touch, yet relaxed!

Cartagena boasts its architectural and heritage beauty, within which stands out as the primary offering of non-traditional venues for events. Another highly important attraction worth mentioning in Cartagena is the presence of truly beautiful beaches such as the Rosario Islands, Cholón, and the archipelago of the Rosario Islands.

In addition to the cultural offerings, there’s the gastronomy and entertainment industry. There’s no way your guests will get bored in this city, neither before nor after the event; the possibilities between the sea, partying, and culture are limitless!

Currently, the city has connections with more than 12 countries, making it truly attractive to visit this beautiful city.

Además de la oferta cultural, está la gastronómica o la industria del entretenimiento. No hay forma de que tus invitados se aburran en esta ciudad, ni en el pre, ni en el pos, las posibilidades entre el mar, la fiesta y la cultura, ¡son ilimitadas!

Actualmente la ciudad tiene conexiones con más de 12 países que hacen realmente atractiva visitar esta hermosa ciudad.

Cartagena is known as the Fantastic City.


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