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Ready to step into the fabulous world of weddings in 2024? This upcoming year is filled with trends that are pure magic and personality. Imagine that every little detail of your wedding tells a part of your love story. From classic elegance to modern and bold touches, in 2024 we’ll see weddings that are true works of art.

Here at AbrilEventPlanner, we’re incredibly excited to share with you our wedding trend proposals for this year. Each idea and style is designed so that couples like you can add your own special touch to your big day. We want your wedding to not only celebrate your love but also reflect who you are, your unique style, and your dreams.

Let’s explore these incredible trends, from the bride’s look that will leave everyone speechless to decorations that will steal the spotlight, intimate moments, and experiences that will have all your guests talking about your wedding for years. Whatever you’re dreaming of, you’ll find inspiration and advice here to make it a reality.

So, if you’re ready to let your imagination soar and start planning the most amazing wedding of 2024, you’ve come to the right place! These trends are more than just fashion; they’re a way to celebrate your personality and your love in a unique way. Let’s discover together how to make your wedding as unforgettable as your love!

Below, we present the most modern and original wedding trends for 2024 by AbrilEventPlanner:

  1. Maxi Bows

Maxi bows are the latest sensation in the world of weddings in 2024, and they’re popping up everywhere. This is because the Coquette Aesthetic is the trend that is currently taking over TikTok, which draws inspiration from the hyper-femininity of characters like Marie Antoinette and takes style cues from figures like Taylor Swift and Lana del Rey, highlighting elements from the world of ballet and, of course, the stars of this wedding season: the bows.

  1. Color and More Color

In 2024, weddings will be filled with vibrant and lively color palettes, a true celebration of joy. This trend of integrating bright colors is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their big day with energy and festive spirit.

When it comes to decorations, we’re seeing a real color revolution. Weddings this year are moving away from traditional pastel and neutral tones to make way for bold color combinations. Think bright tablecloths, flower garlands in saturated tones, and centerpieces that are true color rainbows. The idea is to create an atmosphere full of energy.

  1. All White

This new year brings with it a lovely renaissance of the classic bride look with the “All White Brides” trend, but with a modern and sophisticated twist. This trend celebrates the purity and elegance of white, but with contemporary elements that make each bride shine with her own light.

The foundation of this trend is the timelessness of white. All white wedding dresses range from classic designs to modern cuts and bold elements worthy of a fashionista bride. The sophistication of the monochromatic look will be accompanied by glitter, pearls, and feathers that will bring the WOW factor to the classic wedding dress.

  1. Classic Pearls with a Modern Twist

For weddings in 2024, pearls emerge from the depths of tradition to claim their place in the world of modern weddings. These gems of the sea now find new life in modern details that adorn every moment of the wedding.

Pearls are being reinvented in the world of bridal accessories. We’re not just talking about necklaces and earrings—which, of course, maintain their place as favorites among brides—but also tiaras, bridal veils, handbags, and even bouquets. Even bridal footwear is adorned with pearls. Bridal shoe designers are adorning their creations with pearls, from subtle details on the heels to extravagant ornaments that completely cover the shoes. These designs allow the bride to carry the charm of pearls from head to toe.

  1. Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz has been crowned as the color of the year 2024. This color, which inspires the delicacy and sweetness of the early days of spring, is the perfect choice for couples looking to infuse their special day with a sense of romance and serenity.

Peach Fuzz is a tone that combines elegance with accessibility. An ideal option for a variety of wedding elements, from decoration to fashion. This tone can be used in bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, and decorative details such as tablecloths, invitations, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of Peach Fuzz is its versatility. It beautifully complements various colors, from neutral and pastel tones to bolder colors. This allows you to play with color palettes that reflect your personal style, whether creating a soft, pastel atmosphere or contrasting it with darker or more saturated colors for a dramatic effect.

This color is not only visually appealing but also helps create a warm and welcoming mood for your wedding. Its soft and soothing character is ideal for setting a calm and happy atmosphere, which is perfect for celebrations that seek to be intimate and full of love.

The most modern and original wedding trends for 2024 by

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